• I have always had a passion for nature, photography and art. Being in the vast wilderness feels like home, and I cannot think of any other place to be. What one can see in Mother Nature is breathtaking, indescribable feelings of peace and joy, and I want to capture all the beauty the earth has to offer through my photos.​

    My imagination, creativity and visions come alive in my photography as well as the artist within me.  I enjoy applying my own artistic version to some of my images to generate vibrant abstract digital art.

    I love the idea of color and the more vibrant and bold the color is, the better. Needless to say Art class was always my favorite subject in school.

    I earned my Bachelor's of Art in Graphic Design with an emphasis in photography. My talents combined with my infinite creativity, has given me the ability to further enhance my photos creating amazing artistic and abstract images.

  • Expanding on my self-expression as an artist, I have been working on developing more abstract photographic images and applying the methodologies of Zentangle.

    Over the years, I have discovered my true calling and purpose was to start my own website - Maddan Creations. My mission is to share with the world nature's beauty and the amazing creations that are all around us through my photography and art.

    Maddan Creations is always changing with new photographs and digital art posted regularly, so be sure to visit often and I would love to hear any feedback and comments you might have.