Tips to a Better Portrait

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Maddan Creations Portrait

Capturing the perfect portrait is the goal of every photographer yet it can be hard to get just the right shot. Now your smartphone can take a great pic for your social media page but if you are looking for quality, you need to do more than just point and shoot. Here are some tips to make your next photo shoot more successful.

Rule of thirds

A simple rule for every photo you take. Look at what you are shooting and imagine a 3x3 grid dividing the photo. You are going to want place your horizon on one of the horizontal lines. Next, your focal points should be at the intersections of the lines. Any vertical elements in the photo should be on the vertical lines also. This helps to draw the viewer’s eye across your photo and gives you visual harmony.

Consider your lighting

Look at the space you plan to do your photo shoot. Ideally, you are going to want to use a tripod for lowlighting to avoid blurry photos. You must be careful not to shine the light directly on your subjects face because this makes the photo look flat. Harsh overhead lighting can give rather unflattering shadows to features. Pay attention to how close your subject is to the light source also and adjust it if you can to avoid washing out your photo.

Scene exposure and white balance

Always make sure you have your camera set for the right scene. Digital cameras can help you find the best exposure compensation for your subject but they can always use a little tweaking. Play around with your camera to understand all of its features. This helps you feel more confident in your shots and lets you take better pictures overall.

I hope this helps you in your quest to become a better photographer. The perfect portrait is hard to achieve but with a little planning and experimentation with different techniques, you can see drastic improvement in the photos you capture.



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