Shooting Snow Scenes

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River RunRiver RunMaddan Creations Grab your coat, hat, and CAMERA because it’s time to shoot some snow scenes! Outdoor activities ranging from sledding to snow angles can be a great opportunity to capture a great shot. Here are some things to take into account for your shoot in the snow!

Keep your lens ready

One of the things that you encounter while photographing in the snow is a smudged camera lens due to snowflakes falling on your lens. To avoid this problem, you must follow two guidelines: First, make sure to keep your lens cap on when your camera is not in use. Second, be sure to bring a microfiber lens cloth to rub the moisture off your lens. Microfiber lens cloths are fairly inexpensive and can save the day.

Use the white

Snow offers you a very pleasing aesthetic while photographing. The white background provides a blank canvas for you to paint your portrait. One way you can utilize the white is by having your subject have a contrast color. For instance, if you are shooting a person in a predominately white backdrop, you can have them wear an orange coat to pop. This makes your eyes immediately jump to the subject of the picture.

Watch your step

If you are shooting in the snow, it is important to visualize your photo before taking the photo. Footprints can often take away the naturistic feel of an image. While you’re on your hunt for your next great snow scene, move slowly. Every once in awhile stop, examine the area, and determine if you’d like to take a photograph. Once you walk over that area, it will never look the same.


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